About us

Yoedu is the dream of a family who, in 1994, embarked on an adventure to create a company to turn the design of its own, stylish, functional and cheerful children's fashion into a reality. Children's clothing designed for infants to wear at any time any day.

That is how this customer-driven children's fashion brand was created, aware of professionals' needs.

Since its creation, our strong dedication and spirit of improvement have enabled us to tackle any project that has come our way. For almost three decades, this family firm has put its heart and soul into designing children's clothing, with the clear aim of offering all kids' clothing stores that are interested the best value for money products on the market.

Children's clothing designed with a personal and unique touch

The know-how acquired since its creation has allowed our company to offer the world its own particular vision of children's fashion. A personal and unique vision to creates collections brimming with life and colour, where comfort and the latest fashions come together.

The design and care put into each garment and, especially, customer service, are the cornerstones of our philosophy. Moreover, all our clothes are made and manufactured in Spain, allowing us to add local value, and we only trust in prestigious international suppliers, mainly from Spain, Italy and France.

The quality garments that your children's clothing store needs

We also have a highly qualified team dedicated to the project, which coupled with the latest technologies at the service of fashion, ensure full satisfaction for our customers.

We want to convey our deepest gratitude to them for placing their trust and loyalty in Yoedu all these years. Respect and honesty will, as always, be the core values that will accompany us on a journey we hope to continue together.

If you are interested, have a children's clothing store and would like to include our children's clothing designs for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to assist you and help you with everything you may need. You'll be glad you chose Yoedu!

Our aim is and will always be to offer those who trust in our firm the best quality and design in children's fashion. Because your satisfaction matters to us.

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